Patio heaters are ideal for keeping you and your family warm at night and during the cooler months. Finding the perfect patio heater will help you use your outdoor space to its fullest potential. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for the right patio heater.


1. Style

Today’s patio heaters are available in several sizes and styles to fit any space. You can give your patio a cozy ambiance with one of three choices. Wall- or ceiling-mounted patio heaters are mounted to your wall or ceiling, making them a great option for smaller spaces. No matter what fuel type you choose, a wall- or ceiling-mounted heater requires installation. They’re also a more permanent choice.

Similar to a chandelier, hanging patio heaters hang above your patio table or seating arrangement. They take up no floor space, making them another good option for smaller areas.

Freestanding patio heaters are stand-alone heaters that do not require installation, making them easy to use. Freestanding heaters are ready to go right out of the box, allowing you to set up an outdoor entertaining space quickly.

2. Fuel

There are several fuel sources for outdoor patio heaters. Natural gas patio heaters typically are a more permanent option, but they produce a sizable heating output. These heaters will not require refilling and are cleaner to run than propane.

Propane heaters with propane are usually more portable and won’t require installation. However, propane can be the most costly fuel option – tanks must be refilled regularly.

An electric patio heater is easy to install and may operate without airflow. However, electric heaters have lower BTUs and will not produce the intense heat provided by other options.

How often you’ll use the patio heater may help you decide which fuel source works best. For example, natural gas may be the optimal choice for someone who will be using the space daily, as it doesn’t require refuelling.

3. Heating Area

The size of the area being heated will also factor into what heating system best meets your needs. Selecting a unit too large for a space will not be energy-efficient; however, choosing a too-small unit will result in inadequate heating. Weather conditions also affect the amount of heat required. If wind and cold temperatures are common, you may require more than one heater to warm the space.

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