While precipitation and humidity in Kamloops are not significant year-round, humidity can more than double in summer, when temperatures rise to about 30ºC. Increased humidity levels may cause unhealthy moisture build-up inside the home. Air-conditioning not only cools the space, it also helps to reduce moisture, and can lead to a healthier home.


Types of Air-Conditioning

There are two different types of air-conditioning units or systems. The first is a standalone unit and the other is a whole house, or central air system with either concealed ducting or wall-mounted heads.

Stand-alone units condition one room at a time and include: through-wall units that vent to the exterior; window-mounted units that sit in the bottom sash of a window opening; and free-standing, or portable, units with a single duct through a window.

Central air conditioning includes a refrigerant coil hooked up to one or more condensers placed outside the home and hooked up to a forced air furnace. The other type of whole house system is a mini-split system containing individual room units, mounted on the wall and connected to an outdoor condenser. For these, no duct work is needed.



Cost of an Air-Conditioning System

Numerous factors determine the cost of an air-conditioning system. It is always best to seek guidance from a professional to get an accurate estimate. The factors include the size of the house and the available space for ductwork and air handlers and how well the house is insulated. You should also take the brand, model and size of the system, including its energy efficiency into consideration. The available power supply and the method of installation will also impact cost.

Depending on your needs you could spend as low as around $2500 and up for an air-conditioning system. As mentioned, it is wise to contact a professional, such as Johnson Walsh Plumbing and Heating, who can more accurately assess your needs and give you a realistic budget to help you plan.

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